I love to help you sparkle!

I started doing burlesque in 2016, and I fell in love with it! So much sparkle, so much glamour! I soon fell down the rabbit-hole of costume embellishing, and I haven't looked back. I love using my art and design background to enhance costumes to the next level!

I love helping people achieve the costumes of their dreams; let me know what your vision is and we can create something wonderful together! You can hire me to do the embellishing for you, or you can just buy the rhinestones and experience the zen of rhinestoning for yourself!

I carry high-quality rhinestones at a fair price. I typically stock SS10 and SS16 in all colours, with some of the more popular colours also available in SS20 and SS30. You can pre-order on my website, and I'll ship them out to you, or you can pick them up by using promo code LOCALPICKUP.

Pasties can be made in any size, shape, with or without tassels, and in any colour scheme. Some performers prefer a flatter, less conical pastie; as a personal preference, for assels.

If you see something you like but want to customize options, shoot me a message, I am always excited to work on special orders!

Pricing varies based on pastie size and complexity.

Included with your pastie order is a small quantity of "just in case" rhinestones, for those rhinestone emergencies, and a sample of Shape Tape!

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