Crystal AB Flatback Glass Rhinestones

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Crystal AB Flatback Rhinestones

Sizes available

  • SS10 - 2.80-2.90mm
  • SS12 - 3.00-3.20mm
  • SS16 - 3.80-4.00mm
  • SS20 - 4.60-4.80mm
  • SS30 - 6.32-6.50mm

About Crystal AB

Crystal AB is a Showgirl's neutral! Crystal stones have an "Aurora Borealis" (AB) coating applied to the outside, which shifts from fiery pink, warm yellow, cool green to a hit of violet. They remind me of butter mints!

Because they are popular and are produced in larger quantities, they are (together with Crystal) the most cost-effective stone. That means you can buy more of them!

Also, since the paler the stone is, the more sparkle it has, Crystal AB stones are one of the sparkliest.

Nothing evokes old Hollywood glam quite like Crystal AB. Despite the fact that the coating is made up of soft colours, Crystal AB works on pretty much everything! It is amazing against black, and gorgeous on white, surprisingly stunning on red. If you are looking for something with a cooler colour temperature, Crystal Lavender is also similar, but it has a slight violet coating.

Stones are non-hotfix.

Price is per package, 1 Gross (144 stones) or 5 Gross (720 stones)

Quantity measured by weight; stone quantities are not exact.

Colours look differently on-screen, and between devices.

Check out our ready-to-mail Rhinestone Colour Charts to see sample stones in-person!

Stone colours may vary moderately between dye-lots.

Special orders are welcome; contact me if you need a special size, quantity, colour, or shape! Volume discounts are available with a minimum 10 gross per size/per colour.