Burlesque Babe On-The-Go Pastie-inspired Rhinestoned Keychain

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Muggle life is so... unsparkly! Drab, dull colours, hardly any bio-glitter, and not nearly enough glamour! Sometimes it's good to have a secret little reminder in your pocket that your heart belongs to sparkle-life.

These classic pastie-inspired, flat, double-sided keychains were rhinestoned by me, using my Showgirl Sparkle rhinestones.

The design diameter is 4 cm/1.5 inches, and the overall height including the ring is 8 cm/3 inches.

Rhinestones were adhered with e6000 for super durability, but please remember that keyrings do take a lot of wear and tear in pockets, purses, and jangling around with keys, so there may be some rhinestone loss. I will include a few spare stones in case your keyring needs an eventual touch-up.

From left to right, the colour-options are Golden Shadow and Dark Siam AB, Golden Shadow and Smoked Topaz, and Golden Shadow/Amethysts. If you have any special requests or colour suggestions, please let me know!

Let your car keys live out their secret showgirl fantasies!

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