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Glue Applicator Blunt Needle Dispensing Tip, 18 Gauge

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These fine blunt needle tips are great for dispensing small quantities of glue, perfect for rhinestoning! You can get several uses out of them, and it reduces accidental overuse of glue, which saves you money.

We all like saving money!

Make sure to add the glue applicators to your order as well!

The needle tips aren't much use without the applicators, unless you already have some handy!  I usually reuse the applicators for longer than the blunt needle tips, so I recommend ordering extra tips. (1 applicator and 2 tips is usually a good ratio, but I sell them each separately, so you can decide what works best for you.)

After a few sessions, the glue will harden, but I usually fill the applicator a few times before I have to dispose of them.