e6000 Fabri-Fuse Extreme Stretch Fabric Glue 2oz Bottle Showgirl Sparkle

e6000 Fabri-Fuse Extreme Stretch Fabric Glue 2oz Bottle

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This is my favourite, tried & tested glue for adhering rhinestones to fabric, but it is increasingly hard to find where I live. So, I've brought a big case of it in, for me and my other local burly babes who can't get enough of it! (We have collectively begun stockpiling it like little crafting squirrels).

This is definitely my preferred glue for rhinestone-to-fabric gluing

  • dries crystal clear
  • perfect for stretch fabrics
  • no odour
  • long "open" time - takes several minutes to tack up, so you can wiggle things around if you need to!
  • a little goes a long way!

This is the smaller, 2 oz. size, and quite frankly you may be able to find it cheaper where you are. I'm offering it at the best price I can, but still, the price is higher than I would like it to be! If the added convenience of getting a bottle when you buy your rhinestones is popular, I might be able to bring the price down in future, but the volume of orders would have to be considerable.

Regardless, this glue is the best I have found, and the bottle has a great tapered applicator nozzle, but for even more control, add some syringe applicators to your order, which helps to apply the glue sparingly, which means it lasts longer!