Bulk Rhinestones

So excited to be offering such a huge range of colours and sizes!

The same great stones you love are available at a serious savings!

Carrying all the sizes and colours here in Canada is a little too much overhead for your friendly neighbourhood sparkle-lady, so if you don't mind waiting for a shipment, you can save big on retail prices.

If you need rhinestones right away, please visit my in-stock rhinestone listings which ship out next day from Canada.

For bulk orders, the shipping time varies but you can expect your stones to arrive within 3-6 weeks. I will be with you throughout the process and will keep you informed of any unexpected delays.

If you have any questions, please reach out.

The minimum order quantities are 10 gross per size, per colour for stones SS20 and smaller, and 2 gross per size, per colour for SS30 and higher.

Colours can look differently on-screen, and between devices. Stone colours may vary moderately between dye-lots.

Check out our ready-to-mail Rhinestone Colour Charts to see sample stones in-person, or place a small order to try them out if you haven't tried these awesome stones before!

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