4" Chainette Fringe, By the Yard

  • $ 5.00
    単価 ã‚たり 


I buy a lot of fringe for making burlesque tassels, and usually have quite a few orders going over to my great-quality fringe supplier, so I thought, why not carry the basics here as well? No more waiting for fringe to go on sale.

Verified quality by me, it's the same fringe I use to make my own costumes, so you know it has to be good!

If you are after a colour or a length that I don't have in stock, let me know and I can order in whatever you need.

This is 4" chainette, which means that the length of the fringe overall is 4" high. I only carry fringe that has at least 3 firm rows of stitching across the top; anything else and you can end up with spaghetti'ed fringe! 🙀 (which isn't the end of the world, but it is less than ideal.)

100% Polyester

If you aren't sure about which colour to choose, shoot me a message; maybe I can help. I can also send small samples.