Crystal Flatback Glass Rhinestones, per gross (144 stones)

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1 gross (144 stones) of Flatback Glass Rhinestones in Crystal

Sizes available

  • SS10 - 2.80-2.90mm
  • SS12 - 3.00-3.20mm
  • SS16 - 3.80-4.00mm
  • SS20 - 4.60-4.80mm
  • SS30 - 6.32-6.50mm

Crystal is the diamond of rhinestones. Because they don't require pigment and are produced in larger quantities, they are (together with Crystal AB) the most cost-effective stone. Which is great, because costuming isn't cheap!

Since the paler the stone is, the more sparkle it has, Crystal stones are unquestionably the sparkliest. You also never have to worry about matching one dye-lot to another, Crystal is always the same, from one batch to the next!

Other options are Crystal AB (Crystal with an "Aurora Borealis" oil slick effect coating. Crystal Lavender is also similar, but it has a slight violet coating.

Stones are non-hotfix.

Quantity measured by weight; stone quantities are not exact.

Colours look differently on-screen, and between devices.

Check out our ready-to-mail Rhinestone Colour Charts to see sample stones in-person!

Stone colours may vary moderately between dye-lots.

Special orders are welcome; contact me if you need a special size, quantity, colour, or shape! Volume discounts are available with a minimum 10 gross per size/per colour.