Pastie-Making Class - Learn How To Make an Awesome Spinning Pair of Pasties!

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Saturday, February 13th
at 1 pm PST
via Zoom

I'm scheduling some Zoomie dates for crafty classes

My pastie-making class has been so much fun to teach locally, and now I can teach it everywhere! (look on the bright-sides, right?)

For this beginner class we will be making a round pair, other shapes will be covered in the next level class.

Because there are eleventy-billion possible rhinestone/glitter/colour options, it can be a little overwhelming to decide. So, I've designed some coordinating colour kits for you to choose from, taking the "do these look okay together?" stress out of the equation.

Of course, you can decorate your beautiful pasties any way you'd like. If you want to add more glitter, a different paint, a special fabric or trim, that's great. 

Colour palettes can't be substituted, but if you want additional colours for your design, you can shop them here (psst, hi, so, if you're signing up for the class, {and I hope you do, it's going to be really fun!} you're, like, really close to getting free shipping. Just saying. If you want to top up your kit a bit, that is a-ok! Also... don't tell anyone I told you, but my Patrons get 20% off, so if your cart is nudging up over $100... well, I'll just leave this link here for my savvy babes who like to save a bit in case it's of interest to anyone...)

Class will be about 1.5 hours, and will include everything you need to make a show-stopping pair of classic showgirl pasties, with a ball-bearing swivel for an almost-effortless tassel-twirl. Practice wiggling those tatas/tushies for fun!

Class fee includes:

  • Bonded Buckram (enough for a couple of pairs, depending on your pastie size)
  • e6000 Fabrifuse
  • 3 ball-bearing swivels (1 extra for good luck!)
  • Rainbow Pastie Sizer Template
  • *Pre-made beaded chainette tassels
  • Wax rhinestoning applicator
  • Personalized Rhinestoning Mat
  • Syringe & tips for precise gluing
  • Sparkly Paint
  • Enough Rhinestones for a fabulously sparkly pair of Tata Tassels in your choice of colour
  • 1.5 hours of "camera-on" (instead of hands-on, haha) attention from Vogue
  • A secret present from Vogue for being awesome

What else will you need? Not much.

  • A pen, pencil, or marker
  • good, clean pair of scissors
  • an internet connection
  • a hairdryer if you want to speed up the paint drying,
  • a glue gun if you want to speed up the glue drying on the spinner assembly
  • I always like to have a pair of tweezers around when I'm rhinestoning.

Oh! And you may be asking yourself WTH a rhinestoning mat is, which is totally okay because I think I kinda made it up? I've seen/tried silicone glue mats, and I've used foam mats for beading, but once I tried a little cork mat, I stuck with it! It's natural, reusable, and just the right size to rest my tools on, or to test out a bead of glue on something other than my project. Or I can use it as a "parking spot" for a spot of glue. There's usually a pin stuck in my mat, in case my glue nozzle starts acting up. I use my mat with my glue gun, too, although I wouldn't recommend heating the mat now that there is a decal on it.  The mat gets pretty gunky after awhile, but they last a long time if you aren't as messy a crafter as I am. 😀 And most things peel right off. Plus there's a fresh side if you flip it over. Having a personalized one with holographic print is just a bit of extra fun.

Anyhow, I hope you will join the class! It will be great fun, and there will be other rad babes there to hang with, too! (or it might just be you and me, who knows!?)

    *My pastie-learning has been pretty collaborative, with the help of a lot of different sources like Viv Clicquot's blog and Jo Weldon's excellent Burlesque Handbook. Plus I add in my own "secret sauce" of things I've learned over thousands of pastie builds, so I'm comfortable teaching "how to pastie" as collaboratively-gained and unique knowledge. But since I exclusively use Christina Manuge's method for making chainette tassels, it's only fair to refer you to her excellent Patreon because I'd just be teaching you her exact method and that is not cool. 

    Anyhow, I am going to send you a pair of tassels that coordinates with your colour palette, so you don't even have to worry about how to finish off your fabulous pasties. If you'd like a specific colour of tassel, let me know at checkout, otherwise I will choose for you.

    Be sure to sign up by Feb 5th so I have time to send you your kit in the mail, unless you want to pick up your kit. 😀

    There is also the option to just sign up for the class without the materials, if you'd rather gather them up yourself, that is just dandy!

    If you have any questions at all, please let me know.

    I am sponsoring 5 spots in this class for BIPOC and LGBTQIA2S+ identified humans, please send me a message to reserve. Don't be shy, times are tough.  😘