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This time of year can feel pretty time-pressured. As the days start to darken early, enjoying every bit of daylight becomes the goal. It feels like there's so much less time in a day when it starts getting dark at 5pm. 

It can be hard to prioritize time for yourself, time to socialize (safely, of course), and time to work on that pile of projects you keep meaning to finish. (It's okay, I'm in the same boat...)

I'd love it if you would join my new Facebook Group, 
Welcome to the Sparkle Palace! if you aren't already a member. 

It's a great space to interact with an awesome community, ask questions, get help on a project, find inspiration, growth, community love and support, plus I'll be hosting 2 live crafting events there this week, via Zoom.

🗓 Wednesday, December 2nd, 7 - 9 PM PST⏱
💎Crafting Time at the Sparkle-ePalace (Evening Edition)💫

🗓 Sunday, December 6th, 1 - 3 PM PST⏱
💎Crafting Time at the Sparkle-ePalace (Weekend Edition)💆🏻‍♀️

These are brand new events, and I am so excited to see what magic happens, because when creative people get together, pretty cool stuff is usually the result!

'm finding that unless I specifically set time aside for myself, it's pretty much the first to get deleted from a busy life. And I have so many rhinestoning projects to finish! And as the saying goes, you can't pour from an empty cup. Let's fill up those cups!

Personally, I'm gonna fill mine up with 💎 rhinestones 💎, but all crafts are welcome.

Bring whatever you are working on to the online zoom space, and we can work on our projects together. I really miss those "3 days before the show" craft sessions with other crafty babes; there's something about working independently but still connectedly, if that makes sense. Isolation gets pretty lonely, even if you have the best pod ever. 

Luckily, creativity and community can jump the isolation gap and connect us. That's the theory, anyway, and together we can find out for sure. 

I hope you'll join and of course it's totally free! It's as much for me as it is for others. I need community so I am calling one forth! :) Is that how it works? 

Click HERE to join!


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