Handmade Custom Cloth Masks for the Whole Family

Handmade Custom Cloth Masks for the Whole Family

I'm so excited to share my collection of premium quality masks with you!

I've been making masks since early April and I have made hundreds of masks of various styles.

No cloth mask design is perfect, but this one is pretty hecking close!

  • 2 layers of premium tightly woven quilting cotton
  • 1 layer of non-woven interfacing for added protection and structure
  • Filter pocket for adding extra filter, if desired
  • Strong, moldable nose wire (that actually stays put!)
  • Sturdy fabric ties or gentle elastic ear loops

First, choose your fabric from the fun designs below. This is the hardest part!  If you want something specific that you don't see here, let me know.

Next, determine your size!

  • Small/Medium Adult size fits most adults and teens
  • Large Adult size fits larger humans
  • Preteen/Kid size fits junior humans

Third, choose your tie-style

  • Fabric ties will last longer and are more comfortable for longer-wear
  • Elastic loops are easier to put on and take off. I've sourced the softest and most comfortable elastic I could find; ears are delicate!

Lastly, an optional (but fun!) choice
I'm a professional sparkly-lady, so I will happily embellish your mask with a few flatback rhinestone gems if you like! 

More info

Masks are custom made in the order they are received, but if you need something urgently, please send me a message.

My studio is in Saanich near Uptown. If you want to pick up (outside at a safe distance), select the PICKUP option at checkout.

I will contact you when your masks are done and we can either schedule a time for you to pick up your masks, or I can deliver for a small fee, or pop them in the mail.

Standard disclaimer that no cloth mask will protect you like an N95. It will help you keep your moist-droplets to yourself, and somewhat filter the air you are breathing in, but this is not a medical mask and cloth masks do not protect the wearer. The best protection is safe distance and lots of hand-washing!

Be well, community! Take care of yourselves!

If you are experiencing financial barriers and you need a mask, shoot me a message. Everyone deserves to be safe!