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An Exclusive Guest Blog Post from our Special Sparkle Correspondent, Red Dahlia

How My Grandmother Taught Me The Importance of Sparkles (and pink pearls, silver and gold lamé, leopard print, and the elegance of the caftan)

My maternal grandmother was and remains my foremost style hero.

Imagine if Mrs. Roper from “Three’s Company” had been styled by Betsey Johnson. Add Liberty’s of London as a sponsor, in partnership with Swarovski and the global leopard print industry.

Pink pearls were a particular favourite of hers and she was usually wearing at least one rope of them. Like me, she was a daily red lipstick wearer. (Also like me, she had a habit of picking the wrong men but that’s another post, probably elsewhere.)

Here she is circa 1979, resplendent in caftan, gold lamé slippers, pink pearls, and gigantic sunglasses that would meet with the approval of Donatella Versace. For her, this was her daily “around the house” apparel. ❤️

A smiling woman in sunglasses and a glorious yellow/pink/orange caftan is standing in the sun, watering the plants on her patio garden with a green watering can. The photo looks to be from the mid-seventies.

Vogue: This is style goals! She sounds like quite a cool human! Thanks so much for your great correspondent work! 🌟

Would love to hear more stories from y'all about your individual sparkly style heroes! Let's share stories about those exceptional humans in our lives who have influenced our style!

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