About Showgirl Sparkle

Welcome to the website! I'm so glad you're here.

A little about me and my sparkle-biz...

Hi, I'm Vogue Mahone, burlesque babe and proprietrix of Showgirl Sparkle. (Yes, I know that's not a word but I'm trying to make it stick.)

I believe there is a showgirl in all of us, regardless of gender identity. I want to empower everyone to show their inner sparkle to the world.

I've long been enamoured of all things glamorous, opulent, and colourful. With a background in fine art, design, decorative furnishings, fiber-arts, garment construction, I've always loved making things. I became a burlesque performer in Victoria, BC, in 2016, and soon fell in love with the art-form, the costumes, the culture, and of course the history and traditions of burlesque.

Naturally I fell into costuming! I began making pasties and costume accessories for myself, and they also became popular in my local community. Providing rhinestones to my local burlesque babes soon followed, and today my intricate pasties, headpieces, hair flowers, and bespoke embellishments are worn by performers all over the world!

I stock more than 60 colours of flatback rhinestones in various sizes for the “sparkle-it-yourselfers”. I love sharing my love of rhinestones!

I'm also available for in-person or video costume consultations.

I love teaching, too! “Rhinestone 101” allows me to share my passion for rhinestoning and embellishing costumes and “Pastie-Making: Super Easy and Fun!”, is a crafty, hands-on class that includes everything you need to make awesome tasseled pasties of your very own to take home. I also teach "Costuming 101" to pass along some of the kind wisdom that has been shared with me, and some of the lessons I've learned the hard way!

To keep up on all my sparkly exploits, tips, tricks, and special insider offers, be sure to sign up for my sparkle-insider private email list, or join my Patreon to keep up with all my projects and exploits!

The contact form is the best way to get in touch with me, or you can email me at sparkle@showgirlsparkle.com