Hematite Flatback Glass Rhinestones

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Hematite Flatback Rhinestones

Sizes available

  • SS10 - 2.80-2.90mm
  • SS16 - 3.80-4.00mm

About Hematite

 Hematite is a deep brushed nickel metallic, so it has a shiny metallic finish, making the light reflect, rather than the refraction that happens on stone like Black Diamond where the light gets inside the stone and refracts out. Metallics have a rich, smooth clear reflecting property.

If you are looking for more of a light chrome, Mine Silver is a couple of tones lighter than Hematite.

I carry 2 different sizes, both sizes sparkle slightly differently, so I encourage you to design with more than one size. It adds depth and interest to your designs.

Stones are non-hotfix.

Price is per package, 1 Gross (144 stones) or 5 Gross (720 stones)

Quantity measured by weight; stone quantities are not exact.

Colours look differently on-screen, and between devices.

Check out our ready-to-mail Rhinestone Colour Charts to see sample stones in-person!

Stone colours may vary moderately between dye-lots.

Special orders are welcome; contact me if you need a special size, quantity, colour, or shape! Volume discounts are available with a minimum 10 gross per size/per colour.