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Rainbow Pastie Sizer

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One of the questions that comes up a lot from clients is "how do I figure out my pastie size?", and finally, I have designed a simple, easy to use Pastie Sizer. And of course I wanted to make it fun, so I drenched it in rainbows! 🌈

The Pastie Sizer is free for my email subscribers, which can be printed on regular paper in a color printer. There should be a pop-up on the right-hand side of the screen to download it. If you have any difficulties please reach out.

This listing is to purchase one of the transparent pastie sizers I have made on clear vinyl, which make it even easier to size yourself up at home.

Please note that the image is designed to be printed at 100% scale. Watch those sneaky settings that try to "fit the image to page". If you've printed it at 100%, the diamond logo in the top right will measure 1 inch square.