Let's chat about pastie sizing!

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Common Sizing

Many pastie-enthusiasts prefer their pasties to *just* cover their areolas and nipples. But you can absolutely wear a larger size or smaller size if you prefer! The world is your sparkly nipple-hat!
There are no rules! Unless you are performing in a persnickety town/county/state/country that requires a specific pastie size, although I don't know of any specific blue laws around this... If you know of any, feel free to comment below and educate us!

Figuring out your perfect pastie size

If you already own a pair of pasties that are the perfect size, just measure the diameter across the back (straight line from the widest point side to side).
If you don’t have a pair that looks quite right, it’s time for a boob experiment.
I'm a bit of a pastie nerd, obviously, and I recently invented a little tool/template for figuring out your pastie size so that when you are done the sizing process, you end up with a template you can use to trace when making your own pasties to the perfect size.
It's a FREE download if you sign up to my awesome newsletter, or you can purchase one here! (the download is a pdf you can print in colour at home; the one for sale is printed on fancy transparent sheet, which makes the process a little easier. But the paper one is great, too!)

Once you know your size, jot it down in inches and in centimeters somewhere, or put the info in your phone/however you keep track of things and you will always know your size when buying, making, or commissioning custom pasties.

Sometimes a babe wants more coverage, and you may find that you are fine with a size bigger or smaller for the most part, but knowing your actual pastie size is quite helpful.

As with most things, there is no standardized sizing between pastie makers. If you are a "Size Large" to one designer, that means very little to another designer. Most designers will note the diameter in inches or centimetres, as well.
Pastie size really is a personal preference... all chests are different and you instinctively know what looks right when you see it.
Bonus endowment tip for the smaller-busted babes - if you want to make your gorgeous rack look a bit fuller, you can wear smaller pasties to trick the eye into a bigger-looking boob. Apply body makeup to the exposed parts of your areolas *after* you've applied your pasties (applying makeup before sticking your pasties on may affect the adhesion of the pastie to the skin so be sure to apply any makeup afterward, not before).
Pastie-buying hint for everyone - if you are seeking a fancy, ornate, or themed pastie, or want a big "pastie punchline" at the end of your number, please consider the overall size. If you want a lot of detail or unusually shaped pasties, you may need to size up to have the effect you want. It's sometimes difficult to convey a large concept in a small boob-print.
Note that this is your pastie size in a circular pastie. Showgirl Sparkle pasties are measured by size the areola area you want to cover, so if you are ordering a pair of, say, dragon-shaped pasties, and your areola-coverage preference is 2.5" round, then I will make them so that the 2.5" round area is definitely covered, but that means that the snout/tail/fire-breath of the dragon will likely add additional height/width to the pastie.

Remember, human areolas are generally round. So if you ask your friendly neighbourhood pastie-designer to make you custom pasties that look exactly like pipe-wrenches, and that you want them to cover a 2" areola, that pastie is going to be proportionally looooong. Like 6" long. Is that going to fit under your bra/costume? There are definitely workarounds, but something to keep in mind.
As fun and descriptive and creative as pasties are; they usually do have a specific role to fill as well, and that role is covering your nipple. (Usually. Not always! There are no rules! If you want long tall pasties that don't cover your nipple, that's okay too.)
But function is something to keep in the back of your mind when dreaming up your signature pasties or creatively brilliant pastie ideas.
Thoughts? Comments on pastie sizing? Let's chat!



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