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About Showgirl Sparkle Rhinestones

  • Showgirl Sparkle Rhinestones are high-quality glass rhinestones at a great price point. Already itching to browse? 
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  • My gorgeous glass rhinestones look nearly as good as Swarovski crystals but at a much more affordable price, so you get more bang for your rhinestoning buck! I love these stones and use them in my own designs.
  • From my little shop here in Canada, I stock SS10 and SS16 rhinestones in every colour in my line, plus SS6, SS20 and SS30 in my most popular shades. Plus coordinating fancy-shape stones in select shades.
  • In-stock rhinestones are ready to ship from Canada to anywhere in the world!
Rhinestones Canada

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Out of Stock or Special Order Rhinestones

If an item that you need is showing as out-of-stock, or if you want to special-order something I don't carry, let me know.

I can import almost any size and colour, subject to minimum order quantities.

Showgirl Sparkle Rhinestones Can Be Used For:

  • Rhinestones for burlesque costumes
  • Rhinestones for glitter tumblers
  • Rhinestones for embellishing hoodies, tees, lanyards, keyfobs, or sunnies
  • Rhinestones for body building posing suits and fitness competitions
  • Rhinestones for show-jumping clothing
  • Rhinestones for figure skating costumes
  • Rhinestones for ballroom dance costumes
  • Rhinestones for dance competition bodysuits
  • Rhinestones for pole dancing costumes
  • Rhinestones for fairy princess costumes 
If you ask me, there isn't really anything you can't improve by adding more rhinestones! However, where they really sparkle and shine best is under stage lights.
If you do any sort of performing, whether competitive or for fun, rhinestones will take your costume to the next level. My rhinestones are already here in Canada, priced in Canadian dollars, and you can order any amount you need.
No need to wait for overseas delivery, and you definitely don't need to pay the astronomical prices that big box craft stores charge for rhinestones!

Rhinestone Shapes & Sizes

For most purposes, you will be looking for the standard round rhinestones, however I do stock a few of the other shapes such as teardrop rhinestones, navette rhinestones, rivolis, triangle rhinestones, and leaf-shaped rhinestones.
For sizing, the SS10 rhinestones are the smallest and the SS30 rhinestones are the largest.
Please note, my rhinestones are non-hotfix. These flatback rhinestones can be applied with the rhinestone glue of your choice. (I recommend E6000 Fabrifuse, which you can find in the craft supplies section, along with other handy items for quick and painless rhinestone application.)

It can sometimes be difficult to tell rhinestone colour from a computer screen, which is why I have a rhinestone colour chart available to order.
It has a sample rhinestone in every colour and size that I stock, so you are able to see how the different colours look against the surface you want to apply the rhinestone to. Most things look better with rhinestones! (If you need some assistance in choosing stones, use the chat feature on the bottom right-hand side of the page; I love helping people select their sparkles!

Rhinestone Application

In addition to my favourite rhinestoning glue, I also carry glue applicators, and wax-tipped rhinestone sticks (to pick them up with), so you can purchase all your rhinestone needs in one place!
Plus I offer a Rhinestone 101 class if you prefer to learn about sparkles visually from someone who is really into sparkle.

Rhinestones Ready to Ship from Canada: