Book a Zoom Costuming Consult with Vogue

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Booking a Zoom Costuming Consult with Vogue

I am available to assist you with burlesque costuming via Zoom as I won’t be having clients visit the shop for some time. So, Zoom it is!

I am not a seamstress, a sewist (eesh that word, lol), or a tailor. I don’t want to gown you head to foot in flowy satin. I mean, it sounds lovely, but it’s not what I do and we’d probably both fall over.

I’m a costume-maker. A burlesque costume-maker, specifically, although I have worked on costumes for many different purposes.

I’m a DIY-gal with a tight budget most of the time, so I can help you create a costume that is the most bang for your buck! That might mean using an existing piece you have, or altering something, ordering in a piece to complement everything, etc.

I have a background in art and design, and have been oomphing up burlesque costumes since before I set foot onstage in 2016.

You should book me for a consultation if you are:

  • wondering where the heck to start,
  • partway through making your own costume but stuck,
  • wanting a revamp for a beloved costume,
  • unsure about colours and need help figuring out a good palette, or
  • hoping to get help with a rhinestoning/embellishing plan.

We can review what pieces you might have, the outline of your act and what you need the costume to do, discuss materials, options, pricing, and you can decide which aspects you’d like support with, and which you would rather do yourself.

Consultation Policy & Rates

Payment is made at the time of booking.
1st time cancellation forgiveness policy is in effect, upon rescheduling of the appointment, and within a 24 hour period. Otherwise, appointment consultation fees are non-refundable. Half hour minimum.

Let me know if you have any questions prior to booking!

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