Hotfix or Glue?

Posted by Vogue Mahone on

An Exclusive Guest Blog Post from our Special Sparkle Correspondent, Red Dahlia

Myself, I prefer hotfix because I am inept with glue and inevitably make a mess. But this does limit the sparkle colour selection, which has prompted this post.

Based on the premise that there’s room for both hotfix and glue applications, which one is most appropriate for what project and why?

I thank you in advance on Day 1 of my ownership of a glue pen, as yet unused.


A Note from Vogue

Excited to know how the glue pen works out, darling! Make sure to let us know! I find glue to be a lot less messy and a lot more precise when it is dispensed with a small medication syringe instead of straight from the tube. You can find the syringes here and my favourite glue here 

I find gluing faster than hotfix, but some folks love it! I can always bring in stones with hotfix as a special order, too, the minimum to order would be 10 gross. What do you think, babes? Do you prefer hotfix or no? XO

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