Showgirl Life Collection

Hello darlings! 

Offstage time this year will require a little extra love and gentleness, I think. Many of us are feeling more introspective, anxious, and uncertain around our performance futures in this strange new reality we all find ourselves in.

Our venues are shuttered, we are adapting to new methods of finding our audiences, ways of creating our art, and connecting with ourselves and each other.

We are missing the sass and glitter of our backstage shenanigans, the warmth of the spotlights, the inimitable feeling of the crowd's energy, and the freedom to travel to shows and create damn-near magic using just ourselves and the contents of a suitcase.

This fall and winter calls for comfort, for care, for kindness to ourselves, so that we can be kinder to each other and our communities.

As your friendly neighbourhood professional sparkly semi-naked lady, I can't do much to solve a pandemic, but I can do my part to stay home, to wash my hands and wear a mask when I venture out. I can remember to be kind to myself and to others. I can check in on my loved ones and find little comforts to bring them. Sharing a great Netflix series, a fun crafty distraction, or a special treat.

Here are some special treats I have gathered. I hope you enjoy them.