Crystal Clear Rhinestones are a Showgirl's Best Friend!

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💎 Crystal Clear Rhinestones are a Showgirl's Best Friend! 💎

Choosing rhinestones can be overwhelming. Especially if you're new to rhinestoning, or coming back to it after being away. 

I can help! I play with rhinestones every day. I'll share the lessons I've collected, and hopefully save you some time and effort (if you've ever picked dried rhinestone glue off a huge costume piece so you can start over again, you know how nice it is to avoid mistakes.)

Want to learn about different rhinestone colours? See what goes with what? What clashes like moisturizer and pastie tape? You will definitely get a few rhinestone facts/trivia, because I am a certified rhinestone-nerd. 🤓

As these are my opinions, take what you like, and leave the rest. I'd love to hear your opinions in the comments below, or head on over to the Facebook Group to engage in the discussion there. 

Okay, so, today, I'm going to feature the source, the mother of all rhinestones, Crystal.

For clarity's sake (haha, get it?) the word "Crystal" in this post refers to the colour of the stone, not what it's made from. Crystal vs. Glass is a whole other blog post!

Okay, so Crystal Rhinestones...

  • Are colourless, like diamonds! 💎🧐
  • The absence of pigment allows for the most light refraction. I like to think of it as having lots of space for all the light to come in, to roll around and get all juicy, and then beam out all the rainbows.🌈 ( Less interestingly, but more technically, this is called dispersion. 🤓)
  • Because there's no pigment, the sparkliest stone is  Crystal.
  • Are always cheaper than the other rhinestones in the same product line. (easier to manufacture? fewer ingredients? more demand? Maybe? Let's go with that.)
  • Can create a classic, timeless look.  Crystal are the original edition, the 1.0, the Little Black Dress* of the rhinestone world! 
  • The most versatile; will work for any costume colour. Seriously. Name a colour that wouldn't look better with a crystal rhinestone on it. I'll wait. ⏳🕸
Crystal stones do have a very slight cool cast to them. This is because the backing on the stone (the flat part of the flatback) is silver. But the effect of the sparkle is still of a neutral diamond.

Some rhinestone brands offer a  Crystal stone backed with a gold finish, or even no backing at all. They are nice to be aware of, but I rarely find the change in backing colour to be worth the effort or the expense. Plain old diamond-coloured is good enough for the likes of me! 😉

Speaking of diamond, that's another versatility factor - it can also "read" as white, not merely as "clear".

To recap,  Crystal are the most cost-effective, sparkliest, most versatile, and classic rhinestones. To purchase Crystal rhinestones, click here!

Bonus tip!
Try a single colour out in a few different sizes, instead of using all the same size stone. Sometimes the uniformity of using the same stone is nice, but a lot of the time it reads a bit flatter than it could be.

I talked about refraction a bit earlier, but there are other sparkle-factors at play as well!
Reflection is also important. The size of the facet cut reflects light from the surface. Because small stones have smaller cuts, small and large rhinestones shine differently. Mixing stone sizes creates more depth and visual interest in your designs.

Whew! I've nerded out for quite awhile, so I'll wrap up, so let me know if you have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear from you!


*You might think the "LBD" of rhinestones would be Jet, because they are black, but nope! We will get into the various reasons for that when we talk about 
Jet) 🕳


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