Q: How far in advance should I place my order?

Preparation time varies. For anything I make/stock here, I try to get stock out in the mail as soon as possible. I know how costuming deadlines are, and also how exciting it is to get rhinestones in the mail! For handmade items it depends on the current order flow, but usually at least 2 weeks is preferred.

For custom pieces, please reach out if you have a specific deadline. I'm a one-babe operation for now, so busier times increases lead-time.

Custom pasties, how much REALLY?

You can order whatever your lovely heart desires and I will work with you to create something unique and awesome. (Please don't ask me to recreate another babe's design, though. Order from the source whenever possible. An inspiration or starting point is fine, though.)

In order for me to quote accurately, it's helpful to send the following information:

  • Your pastie size (if you don't know, check out my blog post on pastie sizing);
  • Pastie Shape
  • Basic theme, concept, design, if known;
  • Tassels or no Tassels? (beaded danglies are also cute!)
  • Whether the pasties have LEDs, beading, magnets for a pastie reveal, basically anything that will add to the labour and materials;
  • When you need them for, and
  • Whereabouts you live, for shipping estimates.

Just message me for a no-obligation quote. If you decide to hold off, change your mind, or amend your design idea prior to starting the actual pasties, it's totally fine. Base pricing for pasties starts around $40 Canadian and goes up from there, dependent on the factors above.

Vogue, I have a costume/project to rhinestone and I hate rhinestoning. Can you do it for me?

Absolutely! Message me and let's chat!

I adore doing rhinestoning and can work on an hourly basis or on a flat rate. Let's make something gorgeous!

Can I order several pairs of pasties at once?

Sure! If you need matching sets of pasties for your performance troupe, I can offer a discount on multiple pairs of pasties ordered at the same time. Message me for details!

What pastie size should I choose?

Check out my blog post with printable pastie testers if you aren't sure!

How do I care for my new pasties?

My pasties are all made from a double-layer of medium-weight buckram, and will last for years of use with a bit of care.

Moisture is a pastie’s arch-enemy, so try to keep them dry. They can withstand a performance sweat, but not a pool party. If you have a water-act or need them for a pool party, let me know in advance and I can make them on a 3D printed polymer base.

How do I attach my pasties?

Prep work

No matter which method you choose for adhering your pasties, prepping the surface of your skin first will improve your pastie retention.

  • Don’t use any creams or moisturizers on the nipple or areola area beforehand, even the night before.
  • Give the area a wipe with rubbing alcohol, witch hazel or skin toner if available, or diluted vodka in a pinch.

Sexy fun times

If you’re wearing the pasties for sexy fun times, double-sided lingerie tape or garment tape, available at most drug stores, should work just fine. You don’t want them *too* stuck on because you may want to remove them quickly, without leaving sticky residue behind!

Performing Pasties

If you are wearing them for performing, those babies need to stay on under exertion and house lights!

  • If your skin is dry or normal, it’s possible that a simple line of eyelash glue or spirit gum around the inside edge of the pastie will work.
    • Apply it to the pastie's inner rim, avoiding the actual nipple area, let the glue sit and dry for a couple of minutes
    • Hold them on for 30 seconds or so, and you should be good to go!
    • After you remove them, wipe the area with coconut oil or makeup remover to get rid of the sticky residue (or your boobs will pick up lint, which is not very glam).
    • If you have a latex allergy, make sure to find the non-latex glue!
    • Applying body makeup before sticking your pasties on may affect the adhesion of the pastie to the skin.

  • If your skin is oily or if you are working up a healthy glow onstage, eyelash glue or garment tape may not be enough.
    • Double-sided wig/toupee tape is a great resource!
    • Do not get the tape onto your nipple; it hurts coming off!

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