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Costuming is one singular part of your act, whether you make it all yourself, hire out the tricky bits and do the fun parts yourself, or hire someone to make the entire she-bang, it's your costume and you should feel confident in it.

Burlesque costuming is incredibly fun and I encourage everyone to get as involved in their own costuming as they wish!

Or if you just want someone to take on the whole thing, that's totally okay, too. You don't have to make your own costume at all, if you'd rather not.

Burlesque costuming is specialized skill. It's neither dressmaking, nor traditional lingerie design, nor theatrical or dance costuming, although it incorporates many elements from all of these.

It's borne from resourcefulness, innovation, and out-of-the-box thinking, and is fun and rewarding to learn.

No matter if you buy it or make it yourself, you don't want to feel like this at the dress rehearsal:

A woman wearing a dollar-store boa and feather headdress with her head in her hands

(this is a stock photo, not a real situation, although I have a powerful urge to console this person and make their costume work for them)

If you get stuck, or just have no idea where to start, I can help.

I have over 4 years of dedicated experience in burlesque costuming, specifically. If you have a garment, I can figure out the best way to take it off onstage! 

Whether it's alterations to existing pieces, custom dyeing/tinting for ultimate colour contrast/coordination, correcting fit and drape issues, or sourcing multiple pieces and unifying them into a cohesive costume for stage, I can either work on an hourly rate or to a specific budget, whether a small or large job.

Whether it's your first costume or your fiftieth, all costumes are welcome!

I am still learning to sew garments from scratch, but I am a pro at taking items apart and putting them back together in new and different ways.

I can take your costume from "pretty good" to "powerful"!

Please get in touch well before your deadline for best results.

Emergency costume situations do happen and if you need help with something urgently, get in touch and I can drop everything and help!

(This last bit is a premium service and honestly the cost fluctuates based on mood, time, energy, if I have a pre-existing affection for you, current sense of creativity and general interest in the project.)