Survey Says?

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Survey Says?

I am encircled by a beautifully supportive community!  So thankful for such a great response!

The burlesque survey results were so encouraging, and they’ve been essential in guiding me towards how I can best serve my community effectively and well.

My somewhat-scattered heart and mind has been a bit overwhelmed with possibilities and a whole lotta fears getting in the way lately. (2020 ftw!)

Thank you to everyone who was able to contribute!

89% of respondents were burlesque performers, and every respondent loved burlesque. Yay! It was a warm cozy space to be in again, and I hadn’t realized how much I needed it.

The responses were loving, interesting, heartfelt, funny, and sometimes vulnerable. It painted a really rich image of where the contributors were at, both as a whole group and individually.

Some contributors were thriving creatively and joyously, with new perspectives, purposes, and plans. Some are feeling alone, isolated, and a bit rudderless. Some of you are doing both (hard relate there).

One thing that keeps coming up in private conversations and in the survey results is a call for community connection and activities that we can do safely together. A space for common ground to share, support, and grow. When we lost our backstage gab-sessions, road-trip philosophies, our community events, and even our annual performance cycles, we lost a lot of our alter-ego social mirrors. Other supports may be in place for us, but something is missing.

I hear that really clearly and I am figuring out the best way to provide a lovely little digital intentional creative space resource and container for connection and community growth with a skill-sharing outlook. 

I need to figure out what the right mix of offerings will be. (And I’m totally open to ideas about how that could look, so if you have a brilliant idea or want to get involved and collaborate, LMK!)

My impromptu digital craft night last week was really fun, and I’m excited to host some more of them. If you have particular days/times that work best for you, pop em in the comments! (I’m trying to plan ahead, eek!)

Thank you for reading my lil thoughts, lovelies! Stay safe!



PS - I also made a fun new backdrop of happy memories and beloved objects that are bringing me great joy! I'd love to see your "ego" walls!


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